Home Decoration Of New Materials And How To Choose The Decoration Materials

Home Decoration Of New Materials And How To Choose The Decoration Materials

In the home decoration , there are also a variety of home decoration materials, only we know clearly, so that the time can also be given to our home to choose the right.

Fashion life popular, creative home decoration has been recognized by many people. So, what are the new materials for interior home decoration?The following decoration home of the small editor, will be detailed in the article to introduce to everyone, about the furniture decoration materials some knowledge.

Home Decoration Of New Materials And How To Choose The Decoration Materials

First, what are the new materials for interior decoration?

1. Liquid wallpaper is a new type of art coating, also known as “wall coating,” is an environmentally friendly water-based coating. Using a variety of special tools and technologies, the art effect of creating a variety of textures on the wall, so that the coating from the synthetic smooth type into a new era of natural environmental protection, to meet the personalized needs of users, thus becoming a modern space.

2. Antique glass lightweight roof tiles are suitable for a variety of new slope roofs, such as high-end villas and communities.
Suitable for slope 15-90 degrees, suitable temperature of minus 40 degrees C-70 degrees C, with environmental protection, energy saving, simple and practical, cost-effective advantages.

3. Waterless gypsum it is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly building interior wall material, with a certain operability.
In addition, before the use, do not need interface processing, gray efficiency, saving working hours, can effectively prevent empty drums, cracking, shedding and other phenomena, excellent cost-effective, the progress of the project can be greatly accelerated, the community is generally welcomed.

4. Soft stone flooring at present, the new interior decoration materials are very popular with natural marble powder and a variety of polymer materials. Natural marble textures and special patterns are green building materials that our department attaches great importance to.
Soft stone flooring with energy saving, non-polluting, recyclable and other advantages, by more and more consumers of all ages.

5. Light dry hanging wall insulation system using dry hanging installation process, combined with the use of rivets, insulation decoration board and building exterior wall combination, with external wall insulation, decoration, waterproof function. The system has a self-weight of 4-5 kg/m2 and is suitable for a variety of new exterior wall insulation decoration works.There will be no paint cracking and tile drops.

Home Decoration Of New Materials And How To Choose The Decoration Materials

Second, decoration materials how to choose

1.Living room decoration materials, to comprehensively check the quality of materials no matter which building materials you choose, there is a very important reference standard, that is, quality. We know the same building materials, there are many brands on the market, different brands have different quality, and the price list of interior decorative materials is different, so the purchase must be a comprehensive inspection of the quality of the product.
Some well-known brands of building materials production technology advanced, product quality is guaranteed, can be considered.

2. Interior decoration materials, to pay special attention to the material environmental protection in the interior decoration materials, no matter what type of decorative materials, the current consumer concern is another focus of environmental protection. After all, the desired effect of interior decoration is a healthy life.

In recent years, the environmental protection of building materials has been upgraded to a very important position, so when purchasing building materials, it is important to pay attention to the inspection and purchase of this aspect to ensure health and safety.
Along with the development of our society in the decoration materials, but also has a lot, only we understand clearly, so that the time can give us a satisfactory choice of home.

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