How Do You Choose A Shoe Cabinet As A Home Decoration?

How Do You Choose A Shoe Cabinet As A Home Decoration?

People’s living standards improve, for home decoration is very important, a creative furniture decoration can bring different feelings to the family, to our aesthetic to bring a good feeling.

Shoe cabinets are furniture that is designed to facilitate the placement and replacement of shoes. Shoe cabinet as a kind of living room decoration , to bring convenience to our life. So a home can not only place a shoe cabinet, there are many types of shoe cabinets on the market, such as materials have wood, metal alloy and so on, in the full range of shoes under the style of the shoe cabinet.

So, cheap shoe cabinet choice which kind of good? Next, there is decoration home small editor for everyone to bring about the introduction of cheap shoe cabinet, together to understand it.

How Do You Choose A Shoe Cabinet As A Home Decoration?

First, cheap shoe cabinet to choose which kind of good

1. Cheap shoe cabinet wooden box, can be said to be a good choice.
Because it not only stores our shoes well, but also forms a different style with the family.

2.Copper shoe rack has a retro craft feel, generally can give people a sense of satisfaction, and will not let our shoes pile up in a mess, but neatly put aside.

3. A small cheap shoe cabinet can be placed in any part of our room without taking up too much local.
In terms of color matching, IKEA offers 7 colors to choose from.

4.Conceived the shoe cabinet, the small editor does not know how to say this thing, because it is a seat in the appearance, but its interior can really be used to open shoes.

5.No one wants to leave dust inside the muddy dirty boots, so we can place these work boots or rain boots in a simple tumbling tray until we use them again.

6.Lockers under stairs may be a common plan in China.

How Do You Choose A Shoe Cabinet As A Home Decoration?

Second, solid wood shoe rack and cheap shoe cabinet which is good?

  1. Shoe rack material VS shoe material Shoe rack material: Most of the shoe racks commonly used in our home are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is lightweight, easy to operate, and the material is very stylish and stylish.
    However, the shoe rack is not enough after easy black spots, shoe rack material is generally made of plastic, plastic shoe frame is lighter, but the plastic shoe rack after a long period of easy fading, crisp, not long service life.
  2. Shoe cabinet material: shoe cabinet, as the name implies is the shape of shoe furniture. As a result, the size and material of the shoe cabinet is much larger than the shoe cabinet and must be closed on all sides, which is very expensive compared to the shoe rack. The material used in shoe cabinets is usually solid wood, and there are some paint plates.
    As a result, the shape of the shoe cabinet is relatively simple.
  3. Shoe rack shape VS shoe cabinet shape Shoe rack shape: There are a variety of styles of shoe racks. Most of the common things we have are stool shapes, about three or four layers, and no innovation. However, if it is a diy shoe rack, there are many shapes.
    For example, there are creative shoe racks nailed to the wall, roller shoe racks, removable shoe racks, etc. , which will dazzle you.
  4. Shoe cabinet shape: the shape of the shoe cabinet is the same as the real meaning, are the shape of the rectangular cabinet. However, in order to match the home decoration style, many shoe cabinets are consistent with materials and colors, in order to achieve matching effects.As a result, the shape of the shoes is much smaller than the “small and elegant” shoe rack.
  5. Shoe rack price VS shoe price Shoe rack price: When it comes to the price of the shoe rack, it’s quite cheap. The shoe rack doesn’t need much material. It only takes some support to make different forms of shoe racks.
    No matter what kind of material stake, the price is between 100 yuan, generally not more than 100 yuan.
  6. Shoe cabinet price: shoe cabinet is more expensive, most shoe cabinets are made of solid wood, the volume is much larger than the shoe rack, so the price of shoe cabinets is generally hundreds of thousands, 100 yuan inside almost nothing.

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