How is the study decorated in a stylish home?

How is the study room decorated in a stylish home?

With the improvement of people’s consumption concept, home decoration more and more pursuit of stylish home, for this reason, people like creative home decoration. As a necessity for home decoration, the study room is more and more important to him. So, in the stylish home, how is the study room decorated?

1.Orientation and pattern

The pattern of the study is the right one, the most suitable shape is square or rectangular. The long or multi-angled shape is not suitable for study, in the strange shape of the room, it is not easy to concentrate, concentrate on work or reading. The orientation of the study is also exquisite, try to set the study in the house in a quieter place, the more ideal choice is with the master bedroom or the second bedroom adjacent. Try not to be adjacent to the kitchen or bathroom, the smell of smoke in the kitchen or the humidity in the bathroom is easy to enter the study, affecting the study work or the mood of the learners.  
Not only that, in the study will be placed a lot of books, books by the smoke and moisture erosion, a long time the pages will turn yellow, serious will be damaged.

How is the study decorated in a stylish home?

2. Lighting

Reading is a physical and mental activity, such as the integration with nature is the best, so the study’s natural light is very important, it is best to choose a good- and natural light-filled room. The overall lighting of the study should grasp the principle of bright, uniform, natural, soft, local lighting can be characteristic lighting. It is not appropriate to add any color in the lighting, otherwise a long time will make people feel tired.As for some auxiliary light lighting can not be used.

3. Tone

Tones are recommended for main cold tones, but as the case may be. The study tone has always been the use of cold tones mainly, such as light green, light blue, light beige, etc. , let people have a new feeling. But if your home is Chinese classical or European luxury, then the study to maintain independence at the same time to consider the integrity of other rooms. 
Or personally don’t like cold colors, and alternative colors help stimulate imagination and creativity.

How is the study decorated in a stylish home?

4.Furniture matching to buy

Study furniture as far as possible matching purchase, desks, bookcases, seats as much color as possible consistent, in order to show its overall consistency.The seat should be preferred with a swivel or rattan chair.

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