How Should The Wine Cabinet Be Placed Is A Reasonable Home Decoation?

How Should The Wine Cabinet Be Placed Is A Reasonable Home Decoation?

Living room is the core of the whole family, living room decoration reasonable layout affects the layout of furniture decoration, it is of great significance for the layout of stylish home, is the first step to carry a stylish home. Creative home decoration is more and more in line with the design style pursued by the public family.

The quality of home decoration has an impact on the overall layout of a family. Today many families love to place a wine cabinet at home, both to reflect the taste of the owner, but also to have a practical role. So, how should the wine cabinet be placed is a reasonable home decoration?

How Should The Wine Cabinet Be Placed Is A Reasonable Home Decoation?

With small space in the home, choose an embedded wine cabinet or make a simple wine cabinet on the wall, put the nail in the right place, place the glass or the wine holder on it.A simple wine cabinet is ready to be made.
Home space is relatively large, then our choice is more, first of all, choose and our decoration style similar to the wine cabinet.

If the home space is very sufficient, you can choose a place to view the scenery, wine cabinets, bars, bars and chairs, a set of swing up, then i you have a good place to get together with friends, drink wine, talk about the world, all comfortable.

If you just put a wine cabinet, to see the layout of the house and decoration style, choose a size, style suitable wine cabinet, put in the corner of the living room. Wine cabinet in Kanyu also has a certain degree of taboo.

In the wind water wine cabinet also need to pay attention to the proper taboo, wine cabinet five lines is a fire, such as placed in a cohesive restaurant can increase the family’s career luck, wine cabinet placed in the wine should not be too little, also should not be too much, the most suitable ratio of wine and wine cabinet space is 3:5, wine cabinet should be bright, not dim, not dim, The number of spotlights installed in the wine cabinet is preferably four.

How Should The Wine Cabinet Be Placed Is A Reasonable Home Decoation?

The wine cabinet is placed on a flat, sturdy ground and is removed from the packaging base to reduce vibration and noise, with a tilt angle of no greater than 45 degrees when moving.

The wine cabinet should be kept from direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Wine cabinet should be placed in a well-ventilated place, including around the back of this product should be left more than 10cm space.

The wine cabinet should not be placed in an environment that is too cold to freeze.

Wine cabinets should not be placed in a place of heavy moisture or easy splashing water, splashed water and dirt should be cleaned with a soft cloth in time to prevent rust and affect electrical insulation performance. The support foot of the wine cabinet can adjust the height of the wine cabinet, the four corners need to be evenly adjusted, and the nut is tight.

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