How Should TV Wall Coverings Be Made To Make Home Decoration Better?

How Should TV Wall Coverings Be Made To Make Home Decoration Better?

When the living room wall of the home decoration is usually placed on the wall behind the TV to make a background wall, the background wall can better highlight the overall decoration effect, and can also use the wall cloth to decorate the background wall, the type of wall covering on the market. Especially, try to choose the style with the decoration style. Let’s take a look at how the TV wall covering should be better for the home decoration and the wall cloth.

How Should TV Wall Coverings Be Made To Make Home Decoration Better?

First, how to affix the TV wall covering

1.How to attach the TV wall covering. The first step is to measure the size of the background wall, and then record it. You can choose to go online or buy a wall covering in a physical store. However, when purchasing, be sure to pay attention to the size to leave room for processing. It’s too short, not good.

2.The wall surface of the wall covering should be treated in advance. If the wall surface is just cement paint, it can be directly operated. If you have an ordinary wall, you need to make a base film first.

3.Pour the glue into the bucket first, then use the roller to put it in and soak it. Wait a few minutes and then take it out. In the place where the wall needs to be posted, use the roller to roll back and forth until the entire construction surface is covered with glue.

4.Unfold the purchased wall covering, and stick it to the height to facilitate the paste of the wall covering. When attaching, you need to paste the wall covering diagonally. Pay attention to the flatness of the posting, be careful not to be high on one side and low on the side.

5.After the post, you need to press the wall cloth with your hand, then use the scraper to smooth the wall cloth. When scraping the corners, be sure to pay attention to the flatness, pay attention to not wrinkles or curling.

6.After the wall cloth is scraped, use a sharp blade to trim the corners and cut the wire holes with a blade. After trimming, you need to use a scraper to scrape again.

7.Cut the wallpaper of the border and post it according to the same steps. After posting, wipe with a cloth to prevent the glue from sticking. Check the posting effect and close the window to wait for the wall covering to dry out.

How Should TV Wall Coverings Be Made To Make Home Decoration Better?

Second, the wall cloth what material is better

1.Glass fiber printed wall covering: Glass fiber printed wall covering is mainly made of medium alkali glass fiber cloth as its basic material, and its surface is coated with wear-resistant resin printed with colored patterns. There are many varieties of color wall coverings on the market, and the color is also very beautiful. The most important thing is that it is not easy to fade and age, and has good fire performance and moisture resistance.

2.Non-woven wall covering: Non-woven wall covering is mainly made of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp. Its color is beautiful, the surface is relatively smooth, and the non-woven wall covering is less elastic and less prone to aging and breakage. In addition, the non-woven fabric has no irritation to human skin and can exert certain gas permeability and moisture resistance.

3, cotton decorative wall covering: cotton decorative wall covering is a decorative material made of pure cotton cloth through special treatment and printing and coating. It is not only static, but also non-toxic and tasteless, and the product’s breathability is also very good.

4.Natural fiber woven wall cloth: Natural fiber woven wall cloth is a kind of wall cloth material woven by using natural fiber. Its surface is not dyed, and it can reflect the simplicity of a natural fiber.It is a living room decoration.

Regarding how the TV wall covering should be posted to make the home decoration better, and what kind of material of the wall covering is better, I would like to introduce it here. I hope that after reading this article, everyone can understand creative home decoration .

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