How To Design Chinese Style Decoration Style?

How To Design Chinese Style Decoration Style?

For Chinese decoration, it is also a model of the decoration of our ancient Chinese capital. Its decoration is also very humanized, which meets the higher standards of our interior decoration. But Chinese decoration is also a design that needs to be understood, because it also needs to cover too many aspects and cannot be ignored. Then, how to design the Chinese style of the decoration style? It is also necessary to know when we carry out the decoration. The following small series for everyone to introduce.

How To Design Chinese Style Decoration Style?

First, how to design Chinese style decoration

1.In terms of such decoration design, focus on the ceiling, doors and windows. Material selection is also very important. Chinese decoration is not necessarily a grand enough public place, such as a hotel or hotel. The most important thing is to make it simple and complex, depending on the layout of the living room with its own economic ability. If you can create a Chinese atmosphere, you can achieve your goals. Under normal circumstances, Chinese decoration focuses on doors, windows and ceilings.

3.The overall style of the room is very important. Chinese decorative doors and windows are usually square with plaques, which can be engraved with staggered patterns, such as wicks. Of course, if you have aluminum or plastic steel windows in your home, you can add Chinese windows to make the entire room even. If conditions permit, you can create a fake window next to the window. The double glazing is very beautiful.

3, more suitable for partitions and screens. Our Chinese like to use screens and partitions to decorate very special houses on the space level, and usually divide the space. It is well known that Chinese screens are coated with gold or wood, and these screens can be purchased on the market or ordered directly. In addition, the partition is fixed to the ground and must be customized. How to design Chinese home decoration: focus on wall and floor decoration materials.

4.Chinese-style home improvement wall and floor decoration are not much different from ordinary decoration. The wall surface can be decorated with latex paint or wallpaper, but in order to show the decorative features of Chinese style, choose walls with characteristic walls or ancient patterns. The bottom is best based on wooden floors.

Second, what is the characteristics of Chinese decoration?

1, color matching Chinese home decoration is best to use deep red magenta. For Chinese decoration, the color of the furniture is usually dark, and the material is mostly mahogany, so if you choose this color, the color of the space will be harmonious.

2, wooden decoration. Most of the decorative materials for Chinese home decoration are made of wood, and they also pay attention to the enamel painting, which makes people look elegant. It is mainly made of high-quality wood, such as mahogany, rosewood and nanmu. The exquisite craftsmanship can display a variety of exquisite decorations in the interior space.

3, door and window design Chinese home decoration focuses on the door and window design. Since the doors and windows reflect the Chinese decoration, there is no simple solid door. Generally speaking, China’s doors and windows are square, doors and windows. There are traditional Chinese paintings. Hardwood chips are not shiny and smooth. Therefore, the entire space is not only very practical, but also has a strong decorative effect.

For Chinese decoration, it is also necessary to understand the characteristics to design. In this way, we can better interpret the beauty of our Chinese style. The design methods and features introduced by Xiaobian are all needed to be carefully understood.

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