How To Use The Wall Cloth As A Creative Home Decoration?

How To Use The Wall Cloth As A Creative Home Decoration?

People like novel design, creative home decoration by people’s widespread love, in our life need to create a feel the family environment, this time less home decoration. Wall cloth belongs to a new type of wall home decoration materials, because of the advantages of wall cloth, so it attracts the attention of many consumers, then, how to stick the wall cloth? This has become a problem, the next small editor with you to understand, how to paste the wall cloth?
Hopefully the following introduction will make you more aware of the wall cloth.

How To Use The Wall Cloth As A Creative Home Decoration?

First, how exactly the wall cloth paste

1, preparation tools, period includes glue, brush, towels, sponges, sandpaper, knives, scrapers, tape measures, plastic containers, etc.

2, wall treatment, with a scraper scrape off the wall impurities, floating soil, with gypsum powder grout cracks. If the wall is soft in texture or powder layer and latex paint has been swept away, apply it once.
Wallpaper base film (but personally think varnish or varnish is better, but varnish and so on is not environmentally friendly), so the walls are strong and the wallpaper will not fall off.

3, cut wallpaper, first measure the height of the wall, and then cut the length of the wallpaper, there are two cases: no flower wallpaper according to the height of the wall cut about 5 to 8 cm length, as the upper and lower trim: flower wallpaper needs to consider the symmetry of the pattern sex, so the cutting length should be increased according to the actual situation, generally 8 to 10 cm long.

4, glue: with a brush wallpaper glue on the back of the cutting wallpaper. Pay special attention to the surrounding edges coated with glue to ensure construction quality, coated wallpaper and face folding glue. 5-10 minutes (be careful not to apply external forces to avoid creases in wallpaper, especially cloth).
Once the glue is fully penetrated into the paper, it can be posted, applying a few pieces of paper each time and posting it sequentially.

5, wallpaper structure, usually, the first wallpaper from the top of the door to the bottom or corner of the corner posted.
Use a scraper from top to bottom, from the inside out, gently scrape the wallpaper, squeeze out bubbles and excess glue, so that the wallpaper is flat.

6, trim and clean: cut off the upper and lower end of excess wallpaper. The blade should be sharp to avoid burrs. When cutting some wall coverings, it is best to use Japanese imported blades for 1.5 yuan. Then use the sponge to completely wipe the residual glue on the surface of the wallpaper to avoid yellowing the wallpaper.If the wallpaper is dry after the wallpaper is dry, use a knife to cut the glue and flatten it to eliminate it.

How To Use The Wall Cloth As A Creative Home Decoration?

Second, what are the advantages of wall cloth?

1, environmental protection because the environmental protection of wall cloth products mainly depends on the raw materials and paving materials of wall cloth products, can prevent the source of formaldehyde and other harmful substances pollution. And in order to meet market demand, there is a seamless wall cover. Use a seamless wall cloth. After pasting, there are no seams on the wall.
You can make a cloth in a room or a piece of cloth on the wall, and there will be no curls, curls and cracking.

2, the wall cover sound absorption effect is excellent, mainly depends on its internal structure. Because the surface of the wall is not consistent, it is relatively necessary to coat it.
With this protective structure, the frequency and intensity of sound transmission will be much lower. 3, the wall cloth is woven from thousands of fibers, can ensure its wear resistance. In creative home decoration, laying a wall cloth is equivalent to providing protective clothing on a wall bed.

Wall cloth is generally used as a bedroom decoration is very widely used. How exactly is the wall cloth paste? And what are the advantages of wall cloth? Small editor for you to introduce here, I hope the above article content you can find will help their own answers.

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