Introduce you the quotation of the whole cabinet

Introduce you the quotation of the whole cabinet

Many families will carefully consider the issue of the overall cabinet quotation in the home decoration. The price of the whole cabinets of different brands is quite different. For such a situation, the decoration family should know in advance the quality and reputation of the cabinet brand quotation. At the same time, you should know the skills of buying the whole cabinet. If you want to know the little friends, please take a look at the overall cabinet quotes introduced by editor!

Introduce you the quotation of the whole cabinet

First, the overall cabinet offer

1.The whole cabinet quotes—Kangbao: Kangbao cabinets are all imported goods in the process of cabinet customization, and the professional brand effect is relatively dense. Today, Kangbao cabinets are all custom cabinets from European countries. The same, from 999 yuan per square meter to 6500 yuan per square meter, the quality from the low-end cabinet to the high-end cabinet is very good.

2.Whole Cabinet Quotes—Zhibang: Zhibang is a well-known brand in China. Zhibang cabinet is a fast-growing brand. Zhibang’s cabinets are very good from quality to sales. According to the different needs of customers, product positioning offers are different. Basically, the price of the low-end cabinet is less than 1,000 yuan per square meter, and the price of the cabinet is 1899 yuan per square meter.

3.The whole cabinet offer — Europe: Europe is the old brand in the cabinet brand. At the beginning, the European advertising effect is very good. In recent years, the European brand has gradually paid attention to quality, according to customer needs, professional custom cabinet The price is different, the price of a set of cabinets is maintained at around 13,000 yuan.

The price of brand solid wood cabinets, the price of branded solid wood cabinets will be around two or three thousand, which is the price of a relatively simple small cabinet, if the more expensive cabinets may be about five or six thousand, if it is the entire cabinet basically, it It will cost 10,000 yuan. In general, it is more expensive than the average cabinet. The price of solid wood cabinets depends on the material of the door panel, the thickness of the cabinet material, the thickness of the backboard material, the thickness of the countertop, and the brand of the hardware door hinge. The quality of cabinets of different brands is very different. Some small brands of cabinets are in the hundreds of dollars a meter, a set of cabinets to do thousands of dollars, although the price is cheap but the quality is poor, prone to cracking and other issues.

Introduce you the quotation of the whole cabinet

Second, the overall cabinet buying skills

1.Look at the punching. The current panel furniture is assembled from a three-in-one connector, which requires a lot of positioning holes on the board. The fit and accuracy of the hole position will affect the structural robustness of the cabinet. The cabinet is kitchen decoration.

2.Look at the cutting board, also known as the opening of the board, which is a cabinet production process. Large enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input machining dimensions through a computer, control the dimensional accuracy of materials through a computer, and process multiple plates at a time.

3.Look at the manufacturer, this is a very basic reference value. If the manufacturer is small or has no strength, it is difficult to come up with a good product, and the design, materials and after-sales service of the cabinet are difficult to guarantee, even if other opinions are no problem;

4.Look at the process. A good manufacturer does not necessarily have good production equipment or a professional technician. Then the process directly affects the interests of the consumer, as well as the aesthetic and durability of the product. Good production process, no burr on the surface, soft handfeel, positive color, no gap (avoid bacteria attached), easy to clean;

5.Look at the certificate. If there is no certificate, then his product is not a quality inspection, but the material has a problem. There are many certificates, business licenses, board source certificates, environmental certificates, contract commitments, etc. Of course, the more certificates you have, the better.

When the cabinet is refurbished, it will bring a certain amount of induction space to the kitchen, and it will also improve the kitchen experience. Therefore, we must choose a suitable and good quality cabinet, and the overall cabinet quote introduced by editor today will remind the friends of the budget, I hope that the small partners can buy the cabinets with good quality and suitable price.

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