Shop For A Family Clock To Create A Creative Home Decoration?

Shop For A Family Clock To Create A Creative Home Decoration?

Modern home decoration, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, people will create a creative home decoration, and the choice of family clock is very special.Because it can also decorate the bedroom as a living room decoration, in the living room choose wall clock is not only the role of simple decoration, more importantly, its functionality, it can bring real use to our lives.
Family wall clock is now the most popular home decoration and practical tools, this family wall clock in the end how, many friends want to know some of the family wall clock shopping tips, next, we together to understand the family wall clock shopping tips and brands?

Shop For A Family Clock To Create A Creative Home Decoration?

First, family wall clock shopping tips are what

1.The purchase of the wall clock to pay attention to the room style, space, lighting and personal preferences of the coordination.
Generally speaking, first to determine the style of buying a wall clock, is simple or colorful, is more avant-garde or retro, is round or square, or the opposite sex style, try to choose a wall clock with decorative effect pictures.

2. This can be the actual decoration of the wall clock has a more straightforward sense.
It is recommended to choose a wall clock with a size of 34cm diameter, but instead it is more appropriate to choose a 30cm diameter.

3. Wall clock is some special online shopping goods, so to speak, because first of all it is fragile, not all merchants have the strength of packaging wall clock, so we choose, a high reputation of the strength of the business, and then can improve the transport risk of the wall clock.

4. The product is a can not suddenly see the quality of good or bad (quasi-not) of the commodity, need a period of time to observe, before the conclusion. It is for this reason that the choice of wall clock quality is obviously important.
For example, we want to see the quality of the clock workmanship (border grinding, surface printing, molding process, etc.) and movement several major aspects.

5. One of the most critical is the movement, about the movement of the choice, in the “what kind of movement is the most desirable?” there is a detailed discussion, in this recommended Taiwan-made solar movement, can also be Japan Seiko movement domestic several brands of movement is also very good, the reason is simple, the best price-performance, how long to use more than 30 years.

6,.Everyone from the general online high-end wall clock price in 50 yuan to 500 yuan. If you want to buy cheap 70 yuan or less of the wall clock quality is generally not guaranteed.
Good movement cost is almost close to 15 to 20 yuan or so 50 yuan or less almost no guarantee.

Shop For A Family Clock To Create A Creative Home Decoration?

Second, what are the brands of the family wall clock?

1. Fidelity Founded in 1989 in Guangzhou Fidelity Watch Industry Co., Ltd., the brand has a reputation, in 2002 to now has been elected three consecutive times as the president of the Guangdong Province Watch Association unit, in 2007 was elected as the deputy chairman of the watch association unit.
And the company’s quality management work is also recognized internationally.

2. Polaris Yantai Polaris watch factory is a collection of domestic and foreign advanced watch-making technology, self-designed products have ZYT mechanical watches, DYT (2055) quartz watches, YT (9023) single machine or single calendar or double calendar thin quartz watch, never wear high-end quartz watches and other machines, as well as creative commemorative watches,
There is also a couple’s watch.

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