What Are The Categories Of Cabinets In Furniture Decoration?

What Are The Categories Of Cabinets In Furniture Decoration?

Furniture decoration more and more people pay attention to, fashion society development, creative home decoration is very popular.

Kitchen decoration directly affects the owner’s home taste, as an important part of the furniture decoration link, to create a satisfactory kitchen to become the main people decoration the most care about things. Cost savings are the primary consideration stoic for creating a satisfactory kitchen, and choosing affordable cabinets determines the overall effect of kitchen decoration.Next, Let me introduce the cabinet categories of what?

Solid wood door cabinet

Classical style cabinets use more solid wood door board, wood with walnut, cherry wood, oak, pine, etc. , door frame for solid wood door core for medium density plate paste solid wood, generally on the solid wood surface to do bump shape, external spray paint, so as to maintain the original wood color and beautiful shape. This ensures the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of the frame and core plate can guarantee the strength of the door plate.

Plastic door panel cabinet

Plastic, also known as mold, the use of medium density board as the base material, with carved milling pattern molding, the surface with PVC mold veneer, imported PVC mold color rich, wood pattern realistic and with a three-dimensional sense, monochrome color pure, not cracking not deformation, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-stain, anti-fading, processing of this high-grade door plate needs large import equipment. PVC die plate patterns. Because after the mold ingested mold can be sealed on all sides of the door plate into one, also do not need to seal the edge, to solve some of the plate seal edge long open glue and susceptible to water and other issues, foreign called the defect-free plate.

What Are The Categories Of Cabinets In Furniture Decoration?

Melamine finish door panel cabinet

Melamine plate is fullname is melamine impregnated film paper finish artificial plate, is with different colors or textures of the paper into melamine resin adhesive soaked, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, it is laid on the particle board, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard surface, by heat pressure. With the color of the edge bar, giving a kind of integrated visual effect. Domestic production of melamine finish door panel slabs to dew river plate as a representative, adapt to the special environment of the kitchen, but also to meet the kitchen cabinet “beautiful and practical” needs.Melamine finish door panel is the ideal kitchen door and box material, is the mainstream type of kitchen cabinet today.

UV door panel cabinet

UV-type door panels are similar to paint, mainly paint and process. UV paint is UV curing paint, this paint curing is not like the baking paint to go through the baking room high temperature baking, but UV light curing. Its bright surface treatment, bright color, wear-resistant, non-chromic, easy to clean. UV board cost is high, high requirements for machinery and technology, so the general cabinet enterprises use the whole board, and then with aluminum edge method.

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