What Are The Construction Techniques Of Wall Brick Splicing?

What Are The Construction Techniques Of Wall Brick Splicing?

Wall brick spelling construction process what? I believe that this is a lot of wall decoration creative furniture decoration will be taken into account the problem, we may not understand the wall brick splicing construction process, in fact, is now also widely used in life, many people may not understand.
Small editor to take you to see what the wall brick spell construction process and ground spelling notes are what.

What Are The Construction Techniques Of Wall Brick Splicing?

First, wall brick flowering construction process what

1, tile adhesive: also known as dry paste method, is a new type of paving accessories. It changes the practice of mortar cement. Tiles do not need to be pre-immersed in water, the base surface does not need to wet, as long as the laying of the basic conditions can be better, so that the operating conditions have been greatly improved. Its sticky effect also exceeds the traditional mortar cement, especially applicable to small and medium-sized projects with small working surfaces and unsatisfactory working conditions and home decoration.
Of course, if you can pre-wet the base surface, tile bubble water drying effect will be better.

2, colorful filling agent: it is not ordinary color cement, generally used to leave seams on the ground or wall.
It is characterized by strong color, pressure resistance, non-alkalinization, non-shrink, non-powdering, not only changed the tile gap water off the sticking problem, but also make the color of the gap and tile matching appear unified coordination, complement each other.

3, sealing edge cross positioning frame: the use of these auxiliary materials so that the paving in the yin corner, yang corner of the construction process has been greatly improved. The 45-degree cut edge of the tiles is no longer required, saving much time and breakage.
Cross positioning can improve the seam accuracy of floor tiles and simplify the construction process.

What Are The Construction Techniques Of Wall Brick Splicing?

Second, ground spelling notes:

1, tile floor mosaic the most basic point is to be in accordance with the pre-designed plan, this kind of decoration is often used for living room decoration, in the process of decoration needs to understand how to decorate, so as to achieve the effect of pre-design;

2, the ground tile before the laying, to the surface of the tile brick to the outside against the wall, and in each piece of floor brick on the four-corner pad foam, in order to prevent the sharp corner of the floor brick damage, prohibit the ground tile floor tile surface pressure on the weight;

3, the application of high bonding force cement or tile binder;

4, when laying must ensure that the base of each piece of floor brick is free of loose matter and oil, the surface of the brick is strong, flat, clean;

5, to maintain the grass-roots flat, and then reserve the whole piece of flower thickness;

6, in the laying of collage tiles to wet paste, the ground collage of the surrounding brick if the whole brick is dry paste, pay attention to first adjust the size of the collage (height) grass-roots;

7, the whole flower can be laid with the surrounding whole brick at the same time, so that the flower and the flatness of the whole brick;

8, after the completion of the ground tile spread, generally to fine-tune flatness, then the first rubber hammer in the middle of the ground brick gently knock, and then the edge of the floor tile to adjust.

The above is the small editor for everyone to bring about the introduction of creative home decoration, wall brick spelling construction process what the whole content, presumably we have some understanding of the wall brick splicing construction process.

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