What Are The Styles Of Solid Wood Beds As Home Decoration?

What Are The Styles Of Solid Wood Beds As Home Decoration?

Solid wood bed as a stylish home essential a kind of home decoration, it can create a creative home decoration comfortable environment, to add color to the stylish home, to the host of a warm home decoration atmosphere.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, we also have many pursuits of life, now, furniture styles are diverse.Solid wood bed as an important furniture for bedroom decoration.The following introduction of the style of solid wood beds?

Chinese style

This solid wood bed is a Chinese style, it breaks through the traditional Chinese flat-straight ancient plate shape, the introduction of the meaning of the flow of clouds, subverting the tradition, can be more eye-catching, the framework using imported poplar wood and splint inner frame perfect combination, a large area of solid wood use, more stable nature, wood more solid, bed slat design, breathable comfort.

What Are The Styles Of Solid Wood Beds As Home Decoration?

Thick and secure, care of the spine, elegant atmosphere of the head, arc according to ergonomics, bring 15 gold tilt ratio design, so that the head, neck fully relaxed, rely on more comfortable, leather back, leather soft, comfortable atmosphere.

American pastoral style

This bed is an American pastoral style, the head soft burst using the head layer of yellow cowhide, with from the natural green, luster and smooth, put the Buddha warm sun in the spring-inspired round dance music, natural wood, the pursuit of the original worship of nature, traditional American painting art, not only the charm of the appearance of time, but also nostalgia, is the quaint texture, retro to do the old craft,

Meet the inner desire for nature, the main part of the bed body using birch load, hard texture, not easy to deform, hanging around the head of the bed carving, distinctive pattern design, with the European aristocratic atmosphere, perfect to create an elegant temperament.

What Are The Styles Of Solid Wood Beds As Home Decoration?

American Classical Style

This solid wood bed is an American classical style, this bed using high-grade birch as a bed post, 100 percent of the solid wood, load-bearing performance is very high, and long-term durable, not easy to crack deformation, original natural wood texture, delicate warm texture, hand-carved and polished, very refined shape, Exquisite carving by the experienced master painted and carved.

After dry treatment, anti-corrosion high temperature, beautiful and durable furniture, the end of the bed using black walnut leather to create, design and materials and the head of the bed echo, better show the natural beauty of American style.

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