What Kinds Of Curtains To Decorate Creative Home?

What Kinds Of Curtains To Decorate Stylish Home?

Curtains are an important part of home decoration.Walk into a home, the curtain sits creative Jiatong decoration deeply affects the decoration style of this house.

With the development of decoration industry, the types of curtains are also increasing, what kind of curtain series? If you want to choose a curtain that is more suitable for your own, you need to understand the type of curtain first.

Now let’s see what kind of curtains are!

Type 1: Traditional fabric curtain

Traditional fabric curtains including cotton, polyester, velvet, yarn curtain and other materials, fabric curtains more soft and warm, often used in the need for hidden living room and bedroom, many people will buy traditional cloth curtain as a bedroom decoration. But also need to assess whether the space lighting is sufficient, often in the living room to floor-to-ceiling type, can completely block the light source, to protect the effect of privacy. Its advantages are good masking and shade brightness, high durability.

What Kinds Of Curtains To Decorate Creative Home?

Type 2: Roll

Roll curtain fabric to prevent water polymerization mainly, it sets safety, so, soundproofing and other functions in one, the price is more friendly, and easy to clean good finishing, but also light, pollution-resistant, often used in public places, such as office buildings, schools, banks and other places, in the home is also often used in the kitchen and bathroom and other water gas and need to be dirty space. Its advantages are convenient operation and versatility.

Type 3: Roman

Curtain Roman curtain belongs to the curtain type of curtain curtain, compared to decorative effect, Roman curtain can be said to be the most able to create an atmosphere of a curtain, Roman curtain can be divided into folding, fan form, wave style, can create a kind of elegant and quaint beauty. The range of light sources that can be controlled with the casual control of the interior, coupled with its ability to make a large area of multi-color and patterned fabrics, has a very high impact on spatial vision, making the Roman curtain one of the most popular types. Its advantage is that it adjusts the light source, easy to fit.

Type 4: Blinds

Blind slot has a good role in regulating light, often used in office space, it will also be used in the bedroom, bathroom, but blinds due to a certain gap, privacy is not very good. Blinds are often used in American and rural-style spaces, and many office fields use this type of curtains to achieve the dual function of masking and dimming. Blind sleuthing material selection is diverse, such as aluminum sheet, wood, plastic sheet, cloth blades, etc. , can be done according to the space style. The masking and dimming effect is good. Its advantages are good masking and dimming effect.

What Kinds Of Curtains To Decorate Creative Home?

Type 5: Organ

Curtain The organ curtain, also known as the hive curtain, belongs to the cloth curtain, is a kind of green building materials. In addition to the good blackout effect, the organ curtain because of its honeycomb-like design, hollow structure can store air, its effective insulation and insulation role, and the organ curtain surface with anti-static material, not easy to dust good clean characteristics, but also become the best choice of curtain type of human wind house.
Its advantages are good insulation and impedance.

About the types of curtains have what kinds of related content, small editor for you to introduce here, I hope to help you!

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